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Manufacturing and Materials and Mechanics of Solids and Structures

Manufacturing engineering focuses on the processes, methods and technologies involved in manufacturing and their applications. Research advances in manufacturing focus on improving the operations involved in manufacturing goods. Faculty research is focusing on manufacturing and materials and mechanics of solids and structures.

The needs of industry in these areas are great, especially given the wide range of manufacturing in Canada and the world. Some of the Faculty's research activities in these fields include the development of advanced cellular materials and processes for their manufacture, as well as substitutes for biological materials such as bone and wood. The use of intelligent robots to assist in manufacturing is also of interest. Furthermore, faculty interests include lean, flexible and high-performance manufacturing systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing.

In mechanics of solids this research includes the characterization and analysis of materials and structures for mechanical and automotive applications. Investigations are planned into the vibrations and buckling of structures, thermal stresses, creep and plasticity. Computational mechanics research is being applied to devices.

Participating Faculty