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Mission and Vision


Deliver the highest quality engineering education, through teaching and research excellence, state-of-the-art educational environment and innovative programs, to provide our engineering graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and become leaders of tomorrow.

Objectives and strategies

  • Offer high-quality, accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and applied science and related fields that are market- and career-oriented, that prepare professionally competent and broadly educated students capable of addressing the demands of the new millennium, and that instil life-long learning abilities.
  • Conduct high-calibre basic and applied research in engineering and applied science and related fields.
  • Promote a vibrant and fulfilling student experience and foster student success through a student-centred focus that provides necessary supports.
  • Utilize advanced and innovative teaching and learning methods and tools, including advanced information, computing, and communication technologies, within a technology-enriched learning environment to facilitate successful learning.
  • Foster a collegial, respectful and productive environment that attracts and retains the best faculty, staff and students, and creates a sense of spirit and loyalty.
  • Provide university-level educational opportunities for college students through appropriate transition mechanisms.
  • Engage in value-added activities that serve and address the needs of industry and the engineering profession, and advance and improve the economic, environmental and social welfare of the region, province and country.