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Thermo-fluids and Heat Transfer

The faculty’s research in energy/thermofluids focuses on the development of sustainable energy solutions for generation, storage and distribution of energy. This builds on Durham Region’s strengths in the energy sector, such as the Durham Strategic Energy Alliance (DSEA) and the nearby nuclear industry, which is home to most of Ontario’s nuclear stations. DSEA is a consortium of industry, private sector, municipal governments and academia that includes leaders of the energy sector.

Specific areas of current faculty research in energy include:

  • Biomass combustion and gasification;
  • Energy conversion and management;
  • Fuel cells and integrated energy systems;
  • Hydrogen production, storage, transportation, delivery and use;
  • Heat transfer, fluid mechanics and multiphase flows;
  • Integrated and combined cycle power generation;
  • Modelling and simulation of energy systems;
  • Multi-generation energy systems;
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning;
  • Renewable energy systems (wind, solar, geothermal); and
  • Thermal energy storage.

Participating Faculty: