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Capstone Design

Capstone Design is an opportunity for 4th year Engineering students to demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the entirety of their program. It is an eight-month effort to devise innovative solutions to real-world problems. At the end of the second semester, students showcase their research and discoveries at the annual FEAS Capstone Exhibition and Competition.

The objective of Capstone is to expose engineering students to the engineering design process by creatively solving open-ended real-world industry-driven engineering problems. They use state of the art engineering tools and incorporate engineering standards.

Engineering students focus on a variety of considerations with respect to their engineering designs, such as economic, environmental, sustainability, manufacturability, ethical, health & safety, social, and political.

Capstone aims to improve students’ ability to work in teams, participate in project planning and scheduling, give presentations, and be able to deal with uncertainties in a professional manner.

Capstone Exhibition and Competition

This year's Capstone Exhibition and Competition will feature more than 60 projects ranging in topic from; identity recognition of vehicles, a spatial mapping robot, a power/speed boost system for an internal combustion engine, an automated steering system for autonomous vehicles, a simulation of an autonomous electric combat vehicle, and many more. 

This year, because of COVID-19 there will be no in-person Capstone Exhibition and Competition. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will be hosting one virtually.

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For an example of a previous capstone project, check out this video: