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First-Year FAQ

  • Where can I find a campus map?

    Learning the layout of the campus will take some time but the campus maps will help.

  • Do I have to take a full course load?

    No, you are not required to take a full course load. Please speak with your First-Year Academic Advisor to plan out your course selection if you would like to have a reduced course load.

    As an engineering student, your course load can vary from five to six courses per semester and include weekly lectures, tutorials and weekly or bi-weekly labs. It is important that you take the time to plan your schedule.

    Please note that some sections of courses may become closed and no additional space will be available. Plan your schedule so that you have alternative choices that are free from course conflicts.

  • How do I contact academic advising?

    Visit the First-Year Academic Advisor page to contact your first-year academic advisors.

  • I failed a course. What do I do now?

    If you have failed a course, do not panic. Most courses are offered again in the winter and spring/summer semesters so you do not fall behind.

    In the winter semester, you can retake Introduction to Engineering, Calculus I and Physics I. In the spring/summer semester(s) you can take Technical Communications, Impact of Science and Technology on Society, Introduction to Programming, Engineering Design, Calculus II, Physics II, Chemistry for Engineers and Linear Algebra for Engineers.

    To get back on track, learn more about the First-Year Engineering Success Program.

  • What happens if I retake a course?

    You can retake any course, but please note that while your latest attempt will go towards your grade point average (GPA) calculation, both attempts will appear on your academic transcript.

    For example, if you received a B in MATH 1010 and would like to retake it to improve your GPA, and then received a C the second time, your academic transcript would show both grades. However, only the C would go towards your GPA calculation.

  • What do I do if the courses I need are full?

    Please monitor MyOntarioTech for course availability, as students will often drop or switch courses during the year. You can also email your first-year academic advisor to be added to the waitlist for a course.

  • Where can I find important dates?

    All important dates can be found in the Academic Calendar, which includes registration dates, deadlines for tuition fee installments, deadlines to add/drop or switch courses, exam periods, etc.

  • Which email can I use for official communication with Ontario Tech?

    All official communication from first-year academic advising will be sent to your email account. First-year academic advising will also post important messages and reminders through Canvas.

    You are responsible for checking your email regularly throughout the academic year for important information. This extends to professors, other faculty members and staff. Please make sure you read the course syllabi as each professor will have personal preferences.

  • How do I change programs?
    Within the same faculty

    If you are a first-year student in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and would like to change into another engineering discipline, please complete the Change of Program application on your MyOntarioTech, found under 'OT Documents.

    You must complete the fall and winter semester of your first year before your application will be reviewed. The deadline to submit a change of program request is May 31. You will be notified of the decision regarding your change of program request through email prior to course selection for second year. 

    Between faculties

    If you are interested in transferring into the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science from another faculty, please make sure you have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and meet the admission pre-requisites for engineering. They include English (ENG4U), Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U), Chemistry (SCH4U) and Physics (SPH4U).

    Meeting the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee your change of program request will be approved. If you are requesting a change of program into engineering from another faculty, you will only be considered for a fall start. The deadline for an application is May 31. 

  • I missed a midterm or final exam due to illness. What do I do?

    For midterms, a Medical Statement must be filled out by a physician within 24 hours of the missed midterm examination, which indicates the nature of your illness. The completed Medical Statement must be submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Academic Advising Office within three working days to be considered. If the Medical Statement adheres to the above guidelines, the midterm examination will be re-weighted to the final examination.

    For a missed final exam, two forms must be completed: a Medical Statement form and an Application for Deferred Final Examinations. The Medical Statement, which outlines the nature of your illness, must be filled out by a physician within 24 hours of the missed final examination and both documents must be submitted within three working days of your missed final exam. 

  • A scheduled midterm or final examination falls on the same day as a religious observance. What do I do?

    The Application for Deferred Final Examinations for Religious Observances form must be filled out and submitted to the Academic Advising Office.

    For midterm examinations, the forms must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the date of the midterm examination. For final examinations, the form must be submitted no later than 15 working days prior to the first day of the final examination period. You can find the start of the final examination period and other important dates in the academic calendar.

  • What are liberal studies electives?

    Liberal studies electives are included in each engineering program to ensure adequate coverage of subject matter that deals with issues, methodologies and thought processes of humanities and social sciences. Such material is required in the education of an engineer. Liberal studies electives can include, but are not limited to courses dealing with:

    • cultural analysis
    • historical analysis
    • knowledge, cognition, and moral reasoning
    • literature and the arts
    • social and behavioural analysis

    Please note: Foreign language and business courses may not be used as liberal studies electives.

    Courses selected for liberal studies electives must be approved by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Liberal studies electives are subject to change. Learn more about approved liberal studies electives.

  • What is academic standing?

    Academic standing is a statement of your overall academic performance. There are five different levels of academic standing.

  • How do I appeal my academic suspension?

    When considering an appeal of your academic standing you should first determine if there were any extenuating circumstances that affected your performance in the previous semester.

    Did a life event prevent you from studying at your best? Were there outside factors that made it difficult for you to focus on your school work or may have made it difficult for you to make appropriate decisions regarding your academics? Speak with your first-year advising office if you are unsure about your particular situation.

    You should also complete:

    • A Review of Academic Standing form.
    • A letter of support that describes your extenuating circumstances, what you did or didn’t do to help yourself through them and how you will ensure your success if given a second chance.

    Once all items are completed, you will need to submit your package to first-year academic advising or email the first-year academic advising team.