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Cadence University Program Member

Students in a number of programs at our university are now using Cadence software products to learn electrical aspects of engineering. The Cadence package is used in a number of courses in the Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics program.

    • ELEE 3180U: Design Principles and Project Management in Electrical Engineering
    • ELEE 3230U: Electronic Circuit Design
    • ELEE 3330U: Circuit Design
    • ELEE 3490U: Microprocessor Systems Design
    • ELEE 4750U: Microwave and RF Circuits
    • ENGR 4940U: Capstone Systems Design I
    • ENGR 4941U: Capstone Systems Design II
    • ENGR 5690G: RF and Microwave Engineering for Wireless Systems
    • ENGR 5850G: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
    • ENGR 5860G: Digital Integrated Circuit Design
    • Cadence software is also used to support Master and PhD Thesis work.
    Dr. Ying Wang (Custom IC, SPB(PCB))
    Cadence tools are used to simulate and design RF/microwave/millimeter-wave CMOS amplifiers.

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