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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions about the Co-Op and Internship program. Don't see your question listed here, or need some more information? You can email:

Candace Chard 
Co-op and Internship Officer
Tel: 905.721.8668 x5702
Janette Banga
Co-op and Internship Officer
Tel: 905.721.8668 x3599

Or drop in and visit us in 
ACE 2010.

General Questions

  • What is Co-op?

    Co-op allows students to gain valuable work experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree.  It is a form of experiential learning that integrates academic studies with quality experiences within a workplace.

    A Co-op work term is a duration of 4 months. A 4-month co-op is often served in the summer period between years of undergraduate study; however, a Co-op can occur in any academic term. In a Co-op term, a student will acquire an appreciation of company culture and management structure and have the chance to apply academic theory in a practical setting.

  • What is Co-op Internship?
    A Co-op Internship consists of several co-op work terms back-to-back.  A Co-op Internship can be 8, 12, or 16 months in length. The extended work term provides an opportunity to take on long-term projects and become fully integrated as a contributing member of the team.
  • What year of study do I need to be in to participate in a Co-op placement?

    For a co-op placement, students need to apply after their first year of study and must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or above. Students must enroll in the Professional Competencies for Engineers course (ENGR 1000W) in their second year of study to participate in a Co-op placement. Once the ENGR 1000W course is successfully completed, students can complete a 4-month summer co-op after the second year of study. You must have completed 2nd year (half the degree length) to have the work time count toward your future PEO licensing.

    For a co-op internship, applicants should be completing year three of a four-year undergraduate degree, or year four of a five-year undergraduate degree. The Professional Competencies for Engineering (ENGR1000W) course must be successfully completed to participate in a Co-op Internship.

  • How long can I participate in a co-op?

    Work terms can be a duration of 4, 8, 12, or 16-months. The maximum duration is 16 months.  A 16-month co-op can only begin in May. If students start a co-op in September or January, the maximum duration of a co-op is 12 months.  Students must return to full-time studies after completing the maximum co-op duration.

    Students may complete a minimum of one work term (4 months) or a maximum of five work terms (20 non consecutive months). 

  • How can I get the Co-op designation on my degree parchment?

    Students must successfully complete three work terms (12 months) to graduate with the co-op designation on their degree parchment.

  • What GPA level must I have to participate in a co-op?

    Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3. Full-time students are permitted to apply for the Engineering Co-op Stream from the end of year one as long as they can demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements of a cumulative GPA of 2.3 with no core subjects missing. Successful completion of a co-op or co-op internship results in a transcript notation of Pass/Fail and does not impact a student’s GPA.

  • As an international student, am I eligible for co-op?

    Yes! You will need a social insurance card to accept co-op employment and a co-op work permit. Discuss participation with the International Office to ensure you have all the paperwork in place. 

  • Can I apply to positions that I see advertised outside of Ontario Tech co-op/internship portal?

    Yes! You are encouraged to seek your own opportunities that best suit your employment interests. The Engineering Co-Op Office is available to assist you with contacting new employers to promote the Ontario Tech program. New co-op opportunities will need to be reviewed/approved by the Faculty to ensure the skills reflect engineering skill development and meet accreditation guidelines.

  • If I have already accepted my offer and find a position with a higher salary, can I apply/accept that position?

    No. Once you have accepted one Co-Op or Internship position, you can no longer apply or interview for other positions for that term(s). If an employer enquires about your eligibility, we will inform them that you have already taken employment elsewhere. It is unprofessional and can ruin your reputation with a company if you accept an offer and later reject it for another opportunity. It can also affect the reputation of the Ontario Tech Engineering Co-Op and Internship program and the University.

  • Can I take courses while on a co-op work term?

    Students can request to take ONE course while on a co-op work term. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 to request to take a course. Approval must be obtained from your co-op employer and the Faculty by completing a Co-op Course Approval Form.

  • How do I find my unofficial transcript?

    Many companies will ask for an unofficial transcript during the recruitment process. This can be found on your MyOntarioTech account. Click on “Current Students”, scroll down to “Student Records” and click on Unofficial Academic Transcript .

  • What if I am stressed and have difficulty performing in the position?

    The Engineering Co-Op and Internship Office is available to discuss any concerns you may have while you are out on co-op or internship. You are still able to access support services at Ontario Tech such as Student Mental Health Services while you are out on your co-op or internship placement.

    We’re here to guide you along the way. Please take advantage of the supports provided by the Engineering Co-op Office.  Visit the office in ACE 2010 or book an appointment through the student life portal to discuss where you would like to gain valuable work experience.

  • If I begin a work term and it is extended by the employer what happens?
    If your employer requests an extension, and you agree, we require your new offer letter to be submitted to document your new end date. The new end date must be provided in the revised offer letter for future creation of the tax credit letter.
  • What if I’m fired by my employer?
    If you are terminated from your position for any reason, you would meet with the Engineering Co-Op and Internship Office to discuss the situation, learn from the experience, and receive necessary supports and training so that a future work experience will be successful. The Engineering Co-Op and Internship Office would connect with the employer as well.
  • Does a co-op/internship factor into my GPA?
    A Pass/Fail appears on the transcript and does not factor into the GPA. If a professor does give a fail grade for your submitted report, the student has an opportunity to make corrections and resubmit.  This report can be submitted to PEO after graduation by the student to be considered for up to 12 months of pre-graduate work experience and count toward the 48 months required to be licensed as a Professional Engineer in Ontario (P.Eng).

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