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Department of Electrical and Software Engineering



In the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering, we are proud to provide market-oriented engineering programs and strive to cultivate a learning environment that equips our engineering graduates with the necessary skills to excel in the evolving 21st-century market place. Our programs are designed to provide students with the opportunities they need to develop lifelong learning skills and to gain hands-on engineering design experience. Our students are equipped to solve some of the world's biggest problems, in areas such as; cloud computing, electric and autonomous vehicles, clean energy, and artificial intelligence. 

Our faculty members are internationally renowned, driving relevant and leading-edge research in a wide range of areas focused on providing innovative solutions to issues at the local, national and international level, in areas such as; Automatic/intelligent sensing and control, Biomedical engineering, health informatics, and telehealth, Haptics and virtual reality, Knowledge Discovery, and Medical and mobile robotics.



The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science conducts transformative research in electrical, computer and software engineering. This includes the analysis, development and testing of electrical and computer technologies and their components, as well as their integration into complex software and communication systems. Click on one of the links to discover more about our core research areas and our faculty members. 

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