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John Froats

Nuclear Engineer in Residence

Department of Energy and Nuclear Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Contact information

Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre (ERC) - Room 4026
North Oshawa
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON L1G 0C5

905.721.8668 ext. 5507


John Froats is a recognized leader in the CANDU Nuclear Industry. With over 41 years of experience in reactor design, start-up and operation, John has an extensive knowledge and experience base in all aspects of Nuclear Generation. He is known for his passion in leading people and for high standards of technical performance.

In 2005 John was awarded the OPG “Power Within” Achievement Award for “Leadership”. In 2009, he received the Canadian Standards Association Award of Merit for improvements in the Canadian Nuclear Standards Program. In 2015, John received the prestigious John Jenkins Award, the CSA’s highest recognition for outstanding contribution to standards development in Canada. In 2016 he received recognition from the CNS for Outstanding Contribution to the nuclear industry and was voted 'Best Lecturer’ and 'Most Inspirational Lecturer’ by the Ontario Tech FESNS 2016 graduating Class.

John held the role of President and CEO of the CANDU Owners Group (COG) from 2006 to 2010. During his four years as President and CEO, he lead the Company to grow and become a highly respected provider of R&D, operating experience and highly leveraged products and services to CANDU operators worldwide. During his tenure, COG provided increased Industry collaborative focus on several key technical issues and facilitated a change in the perspective of the CANDU void coefficient.

Prior to his role at COG, John held a number of key leadership positions at Ontario Power Generation (OPG). As Chief Nuclear Engineer & VP Engineering and Modifications he lead a team of over 1600 people to improve performance in the OPG Engineering program across the fleet, and in delivery of approximately $500M of services annually. John lead changes including establishment of the Conduct of Engineering Program and the Advanced Operations Overview for Managers. He introduced fundamental changes to enhance the quality and predictability of delivery of plant modifications and was instrumental in establishing a highly respected program for the recruitment and development of between 100 and 200 new engineers annually.

John Froats has held various positions at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, including Director Site Engineering, Engineering Services Manager, Technical Superintendent, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control and Licenced Shift Supervisor.

He has been a qualified Nuclear Emergency Response Manager, Emergency Response Technical Manager and an Environmental Spills Manager and has acted in these capacities in several situations including a loss of coolant event in 1994, the preparation and oversight for the Y2K transition and the grid collapse in summer 2003.

In recent years, John has continued to be highly engaged in the advancement of the Canadian Nuclear program. Specifically:

In 2011 he took on the role of Associate Professor and Nuclear Engineer in Residence at Ontario Tech. In that role he has helped shape the programming in the Nuclear Engineering area, including being one of the creators of the unique Graduate Diploma Program in Nuclear Design Engineering. Over his time at Ontario Tech, John has delivered courses in Nuclear Plant Operation, Nuclear Safety Design, Nuclear Design Engineering Methods and Processes and CAPSTONE Design Project work. While at Ontario Tech John has also served as an Associate NSERC Design Chair focused on enhancing Nuclear Design education and has contributed to health and safety programming at the University.

He has continued to serve Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Program in roles with CSA and the IAEA. At CSA, John led the CSA Nuclear Strategic Steering Committee over the period of 2004 to 2015 at which time he was appointed to the CSA Policy Board and awarded the John Jenkins award for outstanding contribution to standards in Canada. At the IAEA, he has continued to be part of the Team representing Canada at the Convention on Nuclear Safety in roles of Officer of the Convention serving as Rapporteur or Country Group Chair at the last three conventions. He is confirmed to continue this role in 2017. As well John has been active with the IAEA in the Knowledge Management area – recently being part of the first IAEA team evaluating Masters of Nuclear Technology Programs.

He currently holds the role of Nuclear Engineer in Residence at Ontario Tech University and is Principal of Froats & Froats and Associates. At CSA, he is the Past Chair of the Nuclear Executive Steering Committee, a member of the CSA N290.2 Technical Committee and a member of the CSA Policy Board. He has served on the Nuclear Safety Review Board for Ontario Power Generation (March 2011 to June 2014), and as Chair of the Safety Advisory Board and advisor to the Board for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (April 2014 to the present). He delivers leadership development programming for the nuclear industry including areas such as Safety Culture, leading high performing organizations, nuclear design and mentors leaders in the sector from Canada and abroad.

John Froats received his Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree from McMaster University, his Reactor Shift Manager Licence from the AECB, is a graduate of the OPG Senior Nuclear Plant Manager Program and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.