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SIRC 2010

Electronics Lab

The laboratory is equipped with workstations and electronic test equipment (Triple Channel DC Power Supply, Arbitrary /Function Generator and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes) and Digital Signal Processing is conducted in this laboratory. During the labs for the Embedded Systems course, students learn about different components of embedded systems and programming. For the labs on Design & Analysis of IoT Software systems, they also gain valuable experience with design and analyze IoT systems with an emphasis on software architecture, protocols at the sensor, actuation, and service layer, and data storage and analysis with the goal of facilitating the deployment of IoT services. During the Microprocessors & Computer Architecture lab sessions, experiments on different aspects like Subroutines and Stacks, Logic Instructions, Input/Output Organization, Graphics, and Animation are conducted. For the Digital Signal Processing, students are provided with hands-on lab sessions covering Sampling of continuous-time signals, Filtering in time domain, Filtering in frequency-domain and FFT and FIR Filtering in Time and Frequency Domains.