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ENG 3040

Electric Machines, Communications and Power Systems Lab

This laboratory provides hands-on and experiential learning opportunities for students and supports many engineering courses such as Communication Systems, Electric Machines and Power Systems.The laboratory is equipped with Lucus Nulle and Labvolt/FESTO interactive learning systems. This laboratory provides hands-on learning opportunities where students can experiment with a wide variety of equipment to learn about practical engineering aspects associated with real-world systems. The laboratory equipment consists of the following but not limited to:

  • LN  transformers, induction, synchronous, asynchronous, and DC machines.
  • LN UniTrain experimental boards and instruments for communication systems testing e.g.,  Filters, Modulation techniques (AM and FM), Baseband Transmission and Digital Modulation
  • Labvolt/FESTO interchangeable experimental hardware and test instruments for many electric machines and power systems e.g.  Transformers, DC Machines, Three-Phases Asynchronous Machines, Synchronous Machines, Slip-ring Rotor Machines, Single phase AC-DC rectifier, DC-DC Step-down (buck) converter, DC-AC Single phase inverter, Three-phase DC-AC inverter and Resonant converters.