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Noor Khabbaz

Noor Khabbaz

Mechatronics Engineering Student

4 Month Co-op with Quasar Consulting Group

Electrical Design Intern

What motivated you to apply for Co-op/Internship

I was motivated to apply for co-op because of the valuable work experiences I saw others around me having at their co-op/internships and thought this may be a great opportunity.

Can you describe your position in a few sentences?

I got to design the electrical systems in a building (power distribution, lighting, and fire alarm) with the use of AutoCAD. In designing these systems, I made use of codes and standards, calculations, and conducted site visits to ensure a reliable design.

Did you receive training to perform your engineering duties? Please Explain.

I received on-the-job training from my supervisor and other coworkers and was lucky to work with a very supportive team. I found that during my first few weeks my coworkers would sit down with me and show me how to do things, but soon enough, I was left to give things a try on my own and received training through the means of asking questions when I needed guidance.

What was your work atmosphere like? (flexibility, formality, team centric, supportive)

The atmosphere at Quasar was enthusiastic and team-centric. Everyone I worked with is passionate about their work and is very hardworking. I really appreciated that the company has a close-knit family feel and thrives on good communication.

What new skills were you able to learn/develop during your Co-op/Internship?

During my work term, I developed my abilities to learn quickly and to be resourceful. When I first started, there was a lot of new information to learn so I had to be attentive, take notes, and figure out where to find information for myself. Another skill I developed was how to professionally communicate internally and externally of the company. Some technical skills I have gained are designing through AutoCAD and creating detailed engineering drawing packages.

How did your experience compare with your expectations?

This experience went above my expectations because I did not expect to have such practical engineering experience before graduating university. It was amazing to apply knowledge from school and gain a meaningful experience of real-world engineering work.

What was your proudest moment? 

My proudest moment was designing the electrical systems in a big data centre and receiving great feedback for it. Data centres are what keep the modern world running and have to be designed with great care and redundancy, so I am very happy that my design was approved and will be built.

What advice would you offer to current students thinking about pursuing Co-op/Internship?

My advice to students considering co-op is to just go for it! You never know what you are going to end up with and this opportunity has the potential to really change the way you look at your career. It is a great idea to work with the Career Centre and the Co-op & Internship office to get guidance regarding your resume and practicing your interview skills.