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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Welcome to the beating heart of innovation, where brilliance meets breakthroughs. Celebrating two decades of excellence, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University doesn't just keep pace with technology—we define its frontiers. Here, education is not a destination; it's a journey into the future. Our commitment to excellence is etched in every lecture, every project, and every discovery. Join us on the cutting edge, where high-quality education isn't just a standard—it's our legacy. At Ontario Tech, we cultivate minds that push boundaries, because the future belongs to those who engineer it. Unleash your potential and forge the extraordinary with us.

Ignite Magazine

The 3rd edition of the Ignite Magazine is out now. Read about the events, student success, and faculty experiences from the past year.
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2024/2025 Course Registration

Find Course Registration Guidelines and Program Electives for planning your 2024/2025 course schedule.
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Program maps

Program maps


A New Podcast from The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

The Research Rundown 

An engineering podcast that offers listeners a fun and accessible way to learn about and reflect on the practical applications of the latest research from The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University. Listeners will hear directly from Engineering Faculty in a conversational space as they discuss their findings and the implications of their work with current Ontario Tech Engineering students.

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