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Programs with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in mind.

At the heart of our programs lies a steadfast commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. We believe that every young learner deserves access to high-quality STEM education, regardless of their background. Our initiatives are meticulously designed to remove barriers and create welcoming spaces for students from underrepresented and marginalized communities. By incorporating diverse perspectives and equitable practices into every aspect of our programming, we ensure that all students feel valued, supported, and empowered to achieve their full potential. 

Girls Programs

two girls sitting at a desk using a robot and an ipad

Our dedicated programs for girls are crafted with the vision of breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes in STEM fields. We aim to inspire and empower young women to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an encouraging and supportive environment. Through engaging workshops, mentorship, and hands-on projects, we provide girls with the tools, confidence, and inspiration they need to pursue their passions. Our focus on creating a welcoming space for girls to learn and grow, taught by those who have walked the path before them, is fundamental to building a diverse future in STEM.

Our programs include:

  • STEM and Coding Clubs
  • Coding and Engineering Workshops
  • All-Girls Conferences
  • Girl Guide Badge Days

For more information or inquiries about these programs, please contact our Coordinator for Girls Programs, Sarah Wedge at

Black Youth Programs

a girl sititng at a desk using a VR headset

Our programs tailored for Black youth aim to cultivate an environment where students can discover and pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Recognizing the unique challenges and barriers that Black students often face in STEM fields, we offer specialized workshops, mentorship opportunities, and resources that not only affirm their potential but also celebrate their cultural heritage. Led by professionals and students who share similar backgrounds and experiences, these programs provide inspiring role models and a supportive community. Our goal is to empower Black youth with the confidence, skills, and network needed to excel in STEM and become trailblazers in their chosen paths.

Our programs include:

  • STEM and Coding Clubs
  • Coding and Engineering Workshops
  • Conferences

For more information or inquiries about these programs, please contact our Coordinator for Black Youth Programs, Kimberly Davis at

Indigenous Youth Programs

Our inSTEM programs blend traditional Indigenous knowledge with modern STEM education, embracing a comprehensive two-eyed seeing approach. Guided by Ontario Tech Indigenous students enrolled in STEM programs, these initiatives deeply root learning in both cultural heritage and scientific inquiry. At the heart of our curriculum is the Circle of Courage model, which nurtures Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. This foundation ensures participants gain not only valuable STEM skills but also experience personal and cultural growth.

  • Belonging: We cultivate a supportive environment where Indigenous youth can connect with STEM students, alumni, and professionals, creating a community rooted in respect and mutual inspiration.
  • Mastery: Led by Indigenous STEM educators and professionals, our programs offer mentorship and guidance, alongside opportunities for networking with Indigenous professionals to pave the way for future career paths.
  • Independence: With a focus on land-based learning and respect for the diverse Nations of Turtle Island, we encourage independent thought and problem-solving, empowering youth to approach challenges with confidence.
  • Generosity: Our students tackle projects addressing real-world issues, learning to apply their skills in ways that enrich their communities, embodying the spirit of generosity.

We actively collaborate with communities, schools, and organizations to customize and deliver workshops that enhance the educational journey of Indigenous youth. Interested in igniting a passion for STEM and innovation through an inSTEM workshop or looking to explore collaboration opportunities? Let's make it a reality. For booking inquiries or more details on partnerships, please reach out by filling out our form or contacting Hunter Johnson, Indigenous Program Coordinator at