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Jana Abou-Ziki
BSc, PhD (Concordia University), PEng

Assistant Professor

Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Contact information

2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5
Office: ACE 2024

905.721.8668 ext. 5725
905.721.3370 (fax)

Research topics

  • Spark Assisted Chemical engraving (SACE)
  • Hybrid additive-subtractive micro-manufacturing
  • Surface functionalization
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Advanced manufacturing


  • Graduate Certificate (University Teaching), Concordia University, Canada, 2015
  • PhD (Mechanical engineering), Concordia University, Canada, 2014
  • BSc (Mechatronics Engineering), Rafik Hariri University, Lebanon, 2009


  •  Design for Manufacturing
  •  Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Research and expertise

Publications and presentations

  • Selected publications and presentations

    Journal Articles

    • Hof L, Abou Ziki J. (2017). Micro-hole Drilling on Glass Substrates- A Review. Micromachines (MDPI). 8: 53-76.
    • Abou Ziki J, Wüthrich R. (2015). Nature of Drilling Forces during Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. Manufacturing Letters. 4: 10-13.
    • Abou Ziki J, Hof L, Wüthrich R. (2015). The Machining Temperature during Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving of Glass. Manufacturing Letters. 3: 9-13.
    • Abou Ziki J, Wüthrich R. (2015). The Machining Gap during Constant Velocity-feed Glass Micro-drilling by Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 19: 87-94.
    • Abou Ziki J, Wüthrich R. (2013). Forces Exerted on the Tool-electrode during Constant-feed Glass Microdrilling by Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture. 73: 47-54.
    • Abou Ziki J, Didar T, Wüthrich R. (2012). Micro-texturing Channel Surfaces on Glass with Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture. 57: 66-72.
    • Abou Ziki J, Wüthrich R. (2012). Tool Wear and Tool Thermal Expansion during Micro-machining by Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 61: 481-486.


    • Wüthrich R, Abou Ziki J. (2014). Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon: Fundamentals and Application of Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving. 2nd: 218. William Andrew.

    Book Chapters

    • Wüthrich R, Abou Ziki J, El-Haddad R. (2014). Electrochemical Reactors. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. 34-45. Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.


    • Wüthrich R, Hof L, Abou Ziki J, Cusanelli G, Thibaut P. (2017). Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving machine, a work piece machined by the machine, and a process related thereof. WO201706458. Switzerland.