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Amirkianoosh Kiani
BSc, MSc, PhD (Ryerson University), PEng

Assistant Professor

Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Contact information

2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, Ontario L1G 0C5
Office: ACE 2026

905.721.8668 ext. 5730
905.721.3370 (fax)

Research topics

  • Laser Materials Processing
  • Micro/Nano Manufacturing
  • Nano Biomaterials Fabrication
  • Thin-film
  • Electrospinning


  • PhD (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Ryerson University, 2013
  • MSc (Mechanical Engineering), Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI), Ukraine, 2007
  • BSc (Mechanical Engineering), Isfahan University of Technology (IUT); Iran, 2003

Publications and presentations

  • Selected publications and presentations
    •    S. Hamza, A. Ignaszak, A. Kiani (2017) “Synthesis of electrical conductive silica nanofiber/gold nanoparticles composite by laser pulses and sputtering technique” Nanoscale Research Letters 12(1), 432.
    •    C. Colpitts, A. E. Motamed, R. Wyatt, B. Crawford, A. Kiani (2017). “Mammalian fibroblast cells avoid residual stress zone caused by laser pulses”, Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, doi: jmbbm.2017.06.005 (in-press)
    •    B. B. Naghshine, A. Kiani (2017). “3D Transient Model to Predict Temperature and Ablated Areas During Laser Processing of Metallic Surfaces” AIP Advances 7(2), 025007.
    •    C. Colpitts, A. E. Motamed, B. Crawford A. Kiani (2017). “Mammalian fibroblast cells show strong preference for laser-generated hybrid amorphous silicon-SiO2 textures” Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials 15(1): e84-e92
    •    M. Radmanesh, A. E. Motamed, R. Wyatt, B. Crawford, A. Kiani (2016). “Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts Accumulate Differentially on Titanium Surfaces Treated with Nanosecond Laser Pulses” Biointerphases 11, 031009.
    •    B. B. Naghshine, J. Cosman, A. Kiani (2016). “Synthesis of polycaprolactone-titanium oxide multilayer films by nanosecond laser pulses and electrospinning technique for better implant fabrication” Journal of Applied Physics 120, 084304
    •    C. Colpitts, A. Kiani (2016). “Synthesis of bioactive three-dimensional silicon oxide nanofibrous structures on the silicon substrate for biosensors and bionic devices fabrication” Nanomater Nanotechnol, 2016, 6:8 [DOI: 10.5772/62312]
    •    M. Radmanesh, A. Kiani (2015) “Bioactivity Enhancement of Titanium Induced by Nd:Yag Laser Pulses.” Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials 14 (1)
    •    M. Radmanesh, A. Kiani (2015) “Effects of Laser Pulse Numbers on Surface Biocompatibility of Titanium for Implant Fabrication.” Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, 6, 168-175.
    •    M. Radmanesh, A. Kiani (2015) “Nd:Yag Laser Pulses Ablation Threshold Of Stainless Steel 304.” Materials Science and Applications, 6, 634-645.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2015). “Optical absorption enhancement in 3D nanofibers coated on polymer substrate for photovoltaic devices.” Energy Express 23(11), A569-A575
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    •    A. Kiani, M. Rahmani, S. Manickam, B. Tan (2014) “Nanoceramics: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications.” Journal of Nanomaterials 2014.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2014). “Optical absorption enhancement in 3D silicon oxide nano-sandwich type solar cell.” Energy Express 22 (101), A120-A13.
    •    A. Kiani, P. Singh Waraich, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2012). “Synthesis of 3D nanostructured metal alloy of immiscible materials induced by megahertz repetition femtosecond laser pulses.”  Nanoscale Research Letters 7, 518.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2011). “Enhancement of the optical absorption of thin-film of amorphorized silicon for photovoltaic energy conversion.” Solar Energy 85, 1817-1823.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, B. Tan, & V. Venkataramanan. (2011). “Maskless lithography using silicon oxide etch-stop layer induced by megahertz repetition femtosecond laser pulses.” Optics Express 19, 10834-10842.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2010). “Direct laser patterning of amorphous silicon on Si-substrate induced by high repetition femtosecond pulses.” Journal of Applied Physics 108, 074907-074907-5. (Selected for publication in the November 2010 issue of Virtual Journal of Ultrafast Science).
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2010). “Direct patterning of silicon oxide on Si-substrate induced by femtosecond laser.” Optics Express 18, 1872-1878.
    •    A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, & B. Tan. (2009). “Micro/nano scale amorphization of silicon by femtosecond laser irradiation.” Optics Express 17, 165181-16526.
    •    V.P. Kotlyarov, S.V. Leleka, & A. Kiani. (2007). “Planning features of the metallic sheets gas – laser cutting modes. Naukovi visti NTUU "КPI" 51, 66-71