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Powering Up

Powering Up

FREE in-school workshop for Grade 11 Physics 

Powering Up is a FREE workshop that teaches renewable energy and circuits through hands-on learning. This brand new program is open to grade 11 physics classes, and will be taught by engineering students from Ontario Tech University.
The workshop combines the principles of electricity and physics with the topics of renewable energy and circuits. During one class period (60-75 minutes) students will design a microgrid for a future city using breadboard circuits and simulate the development of energy infrastructure. The activity aligns with the grade 11 physics curriculum and allows students to collaboratively build and troubleshoot a microgrid system. At the end of the Powering Up workshop, we hope students have a better awareness of what it means to be an engineer and may consider themselves for these roles in the future.

We do not currently have any Pitch Black workshops scheduled. Check back later for spring 2020 dates.


This program is sponsored by WE MADE IT
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