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Pitch Black

pitch black

FREE in school Grade 9 Electricity workshop!

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University is proud to be running our 2nd annual Pitch Black program. In this FREE workshop, Ontario Tech engineering students will work with grade 9 science classes in a 60-75 minute session, restoring power to a breadboard community after a power outage. Using basic electrical components, students will work collaboratively together to light up the circuit and get power operational to the community. Through this experience, students will be engaged to consider a future in engineering while learning about electrical circuits and electricity in a hands-on environment. Our engineering volunteers will provide insight into their engineering studies at Ontario Tech while assisting the students in creating functional circuits.

We do not currently have any Pitch Black workshops scheduled. Check back later for Spring 2020 dates.


This program is sponsored by WE MADE IT
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