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Manufacturing Engineering

What is Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing Engineering deals with the engineering problems, opportunities and needs related to manufacturing operations. Manufacturing is a $290-billion business in Ontario, playing a vital role in the economy and accounting for over 16-million jobs across the country. Manufacturing Engineering plays a critical role in businesses across many industries, including car and aircraft manufacturers, computer equipment companies, chemical manufacturers, and medical equipment providers.

What do Manufacturing Engineers do?

Manufacturing engineers are usually involved in setting up or improving the design, production and manufacturing of goods and products, as well as the development and application of advanced manufacturing processes and technologies. Examples of these technologies include robotics, automation and intelligent controls.

What types of careers do Manufacturing Engineers find?

Manufacturing engineers serve the manufacturing needs of many sectors and industries, including aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications, automotive, and chemical. The Durham Region Manufacturing Association, for instance, represents well over 100 manufacturing companies just in the Durham region. Growing industrial development in Ontario, coupled with current retirement rates, is increasing the need for manufacturing engineers over the next decade. Consequently, we expect our Manufacturing Engineering graduates to be in high demand.

Program Description

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology is the only university in Ontario to offer a dedicated program in Manufacturing Engineering, and only one of three in Canada. The program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills required for work in all areas of advanced manufacturing, including product design, automation and control, and production.

Developed in consultation with industry, the manufacturing engineering curriculum provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of mathematics, computing and science, with significant content in engineering sciences and design. In addition to classroom lectures, students participate in tutorials, laboratories, computer simulations, field visits, independent research and design tasks, individual and group projects, as well as presentations to both technical and non-technical audiences.

View the Program Map for Manufacturing Engineering here.

Engineering and Management Program

The Engineering and Management combination programs meet the rapidly increasing need for engineers with the leadership skills to succeed in business and management. Students can choose to complement their technical studies in this engineering program with business and management courses by opting for the five-year Engineering and Management program that corresponds to this discipline.