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ENG 1040

HVAC, Combustion and Thermodynamics Lab

The laboratory is well equipped with equipment including and not limited to Basic heat pump demonstrator, Vapour pressure of water, Principle pelton Turbine, Basic Condensing unit, Commercial air conditioner board, Nozzle pressure distribution, Motor drive and display, Dynamometer assembly, Heat Pump, Steam Power Plant with Steam Engine and Rankine Cycler.

Lab sessions for Thermal Environment Engineering are conducted in this laboratory where students develop and conduct experiments related to HVAC systems. Lab sessions on Air Conditioning (Heating and Humidification Processes, Cooling and Dehumidification Processes), Heat Transmission and Heating Load, Cooling Load and Duct Design are conducted as well. During the Combustion & Engines labs, students get well versed with Combustion fundamentals, Experiments involving Comparative Study of Heating Value for Diesel and Gasoline, Four-stroke gasoline engine, Two-stroke gasoline engine, Four-stroke diesel engine and Engine emissions are conducted. Students also get to use various engineering tools and softwares for the analysis in the group project and lab experiments.