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Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering



The Department of Automotive, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering provides students with a high-quality engineering education through teaching and research excellence. Our innovative and leading-edge programs produce graduates who are prepared to thrive and excel in the evolving 21st-century workplace, and develop solutions to world issues such as; autonomous vehicle design, robotics and automation and clean energy production.

Our research programs are exploring new solutions to global problems and educating future leaders, who will turn great ideas into products designed to make the world a better place. It is generating new knowledge and advancing the frontiers of research helping to transform industry and society today and well into the future, in areas such as; Alternative fuels, Electric and hybrid vehicles, Manufacturing and materials and Robotics, Automation and controls.



Our research is conducted in the technologies of automotive, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. These are often interdisciplinary and overlap with each other, such as automotive HVAC sub-systems and new materials of component manufacturing. Ontario Tech University is a leader in automotive research and engineering with innovative research programs that are finding new solutions to automotive problems and educating future engineers who will turn great new ideas into commercial products in the automotive and other industries. Click on the links to read more about our core research areas and our faculty members.

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