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I've secured a job, now what?

1. Register

Now that you have secured your job, it is time to officially register in the program. This is done by registering to the appropriate Co-Op or Internship “Course” for each term that you are out on placement.

2. Pay Fee

You will pay a co-op/internship fee of $610.80 for every semester that you are out on placement. This fee is set by the Ontario Tech Board of Governors and is subject to change. For instance, if you were out on a 12-month internship, you would pay this fee three times, which would equal $1832.40.

Important Notes about registration

1. You register through MyCampus

You register for this “course” just as you would any of your other courses on MyCampus. You will not be able to register until the Engineering Co-Op and Internship Office has put an exception on your account to allow you to register. If you have issues registering, please let us know.

2. You have to drop previously registered courses

If you are trying to register in a semester that you already have other classes registered for, you will need to drop all of your other courses that you are registered for (ie. you registered for your winter courses in the summer, but now have decided to go out on a placement in the winter). You are not allowed to take any other academic courses while out on placement (with the exception of some students in FESNS who are given special permission).

Depending on your program and the semester, below is a chart of the CRN’s that you will register for:


For an accessible version of this table, please click here.








3. You must follow regular registration periods

You must register for this course within the regular registration period noted in the Academic Calendar (ie. with the add/drop deadline in mind for each course).

4. You must pay your tuition fee

Once registered, you will be required to pay your Co-Op/Internship Program course tuition fee, with the same deadlines outlined in the Academic Calendar.


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